Cost Saving Benefits from Document Management Strategies

Regardless of industry or size, gaining control of documents is critical to every organization. Ever-expanding government regulations require effective and auditable control systems for all documents and communications – both paper and electronic. Competitive pressures require that organizations become more efficient and responsive in order to survive and thrive. And in today’s economy, many organizations are forced to produce greater results with fewer resources.

Organizations around the globe are facing similar challenges – increase the bottom line, support compliance efforts and accelerate business processes, while at the same time contributing to a greener workplace.

When looking at ways to accomplish this, a solution that addresses the whole information lifecycle may best meet compliance, efficiency, and cost-savings goals, thereby providing the greatest value.

Cost Savings Benefits from Fax Servers and Document Management Servers

A strong focus on cost savings means businesses are looking for ways to cutback. Organizations looking to qualify each and every technology investment will discover that the implementation of a complete end-to-end document solution delivers a transparent and quantifiable return on investment. Did you know the fax machine sitting next to your desk could be costing your company $10,000 over its lifetime? It’s a fact. Consider the cost of paper and other related expenses for that machine. Now multiply that by the number of fax machines scattered throughout your organization. When you add it all up the amount of money could be staggering. Unfortunately, many companies do not realize that each time someone feeds paper into a manual fax machine; they’re also feeding into higher overhead costs. Replacing fax machines with a network fax server enables users to electronically send, receive, track, and manage fax documents directly from desktop, email, and back-office applications. It’s fast; it’s efficient; and depending on your usage, it could add hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars – to your bottom line.

A document management solution represents significant cost savings for the organization. Eliminating the need for paper-based processing, file storage, printing and distribution dramatically reduces costs in these areas. In addition, a document management solution further lowers costs by reducing the time and resources needed for discovery, audits, litigation and compliance.

By providing immediate access to documents, organizations significantly reduce the time and resources to complete business processes. And in today’s economic climate, that’s a must.

For more information on document strategies, we have published a new white paper available here.

Additional information on the solutions from Open Text Fax & Document Distribution Group is available here:


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