Compliance Considerations with a Fax Server and Document Management Strategy

With heightened demands to secure and retain information for compliance purposes, organizations are under more pressure than ever to closely manage fax communications and document processes. It’s no surprise that the number one driver for replacing fax machines with a network fax server is often regulatory compliance.

Here are some questions to consider when developing your document management strategy to support regulatory compliance initiatives:

  • Are you relying on paper-based document delivery processes?
  • Do you have control over who, how and where documents
    are being delivered?
  • Do you have safeguards in place to prevent information tampering?
  • Are you confident that information is being received by the
    right people?
  • Are you sure that your confidential information is kept private?
  • Do you have an audit trail for your corporate communications?

A network fax server allows senders to fax confidential information directly from the privacy of their computers, right from the application they’re working in. With a variety of configurable, automatic tracking features to satisfy audit trail requirements, the network fax server guarantees that the details of every fax transaction will automatically be recorded, stored, organized and available for auditing purposes at any time.

Businesses are also turning to document management software to replace the manual process of document handling and record keeping with tamper-proof repositories that act as a digital file cabinet. A document management solution creates a trusted digital archive where you can securely store any document type and then find it within seconds – even years later!

The combined integration of these two technologies offers a long-lasting, reliable and robust archive solution that allows users to easily store, search, and retrieve inbound and outbound fax messages and their histories.

We have published a new white paper on document management strategies for businesses today that includes information on compliance and security as well as other benefits from implementing a fax server.  You can download it free from here.

For more information, you can also visit


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